Driving Direction

​​Istanbul Airport is readily accessible by car. For a relaxed departure, please plan your route in advance. There are different route alternatives if you are driving to Istanbul Airport.

European Side:

Avcılar - Istanbul Airport - 50 km 
Gayrettepe - Istanbul Airport - 37 km
Taksim - Istanbul Airport - 40 km
Levent - Istanbul Airport - 35 km
Maslak - Istanbul Airport - 33 km

Asian Side:

Kavacık - Istanbul Airport - 40 km 
Üsküdar - Istanbul Airport - 46 km
Kadıköy - Istanbul Airport - 51 km
Pendik - Istanbul Airport - 72 km

By clicking on the map below, you can have a look at the routes of transport to Istanbul Airport from where you are.

You can also drive to the Istanbul Airport through North Marmara Highway passing through Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

In Marmara Region, which has the busiest traffic in Turkey, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway connect Europe to Asia and ensure an uninterrupted and comfortable transit to national and international land transport. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway offer drivers an easily-accessible, safe, comfortable, simple and fast route to Istanbul Airport.