IstanbulAirport Mobile Application Released!

Everything you need to make your trips fun and easy is in this app. Plan your time however you like with features like Flight Tracking and Home to Gate, and experience a stress-free trip.

Home to Gate feature shows you how long it will take you to get to the gate from your doorstep. 

Flight Tracking feature lets you save your flight in the app either by scanning your boarding card or by searching for your flight on the app. This will allow you to track your flight and receive instructions about it wherever you are.

Map feature will let you discover the world's biggest airport. All your needs from restaurants and cafés to stores, banks and ATMs await to be discovered in Istanbul Airport Mobile's map feature.

Discover Istanbul feature will inform you on all events happening in Istanbul.

By logging in the app, you can use the Free WiFi service.

Transportation Option provides you with detailed information on transportation alternatives to the airport.

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