Airside Operation

ARFF (Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting) Department

The mission of the ARFF (airport rescue and fire fighting) service is to save lives in any air vehicle crash or incident occurring in any airport or its vicinity. In accordance with that mission ARFF stations are established at 3 different points in the airport and within 3 minutes in compliance with ICAO rules. ARFF stations are providing services at category 10 level and the fire accident has equipment for the rescue of the aircraft which has lost its ability to rescue and move.

Airside Support Services Department

The department at the Istanbul Airport is responsible for carrying out the activities regarding combating snow, combining grass in coated and uncoated areas, cleaning the tracks on the runway, FOD control and cleaning services and line painting.

Airside Safety and Compliance Department

The department executes all necessary audits and controls required for the continuity of airside operations securely in accordance with national/international regulations and company procedures. The department is also responsible for performing the activities regarding development of Airport Emergency Plans and management of accidents and incidents.

Wild Life Management Department

Prepares the wild life management plan. Follows up with processes such as habitat management, active repelling methods, etc., and provides necessary trainings. Follows up with the new practices in the world, as well as their results, and spends efforts for maximizing flight safety at our airport.

Airside Operations Department​

Covers the daily control and management of Runway – Apron – Taxiway (RAT) fields, coordinated execution of activities necessary for operational continuity as well as their monitoring and control in accordance with national and international legislation. The activities performed in this scope include wildlife and bird control, detection and control of foreign object damage (FOD), follow-me service, runway surface braking measurements, ensuring that the rules defined in the Airport Manual are followed and implemented in the operations area, issuance of permanent access cards, vehicle license plates and driver’s licenses, and control of license plates for vehicles entering or exiting at apron gates (A and D) as well as control of airside driver’s licenses.

Airside Operations Manager on Duty

Ensures inspection and follow-up for making sure that the airside operations comply with the national regulations, international standards and company procedures.