Advertising and Promotion

​Advertising, Promotion, Organization, Sponsorship and Brand Collaborations at the Istanbul Airport

The brands, aiming to reach large masses on an international level, will be able to find advertising areas at international standards at the Istanbul Airport. For the brands having the purpose of leaving a global impact at an international level, there will be advertising opportunities in and outside of the terminal building and at exclusive project areas all around airport, including passenger boarding bridges, etc. Overall area of advertising and promotional areas reach to 41,000 sqm.

At Istanbul Airport, the companies have an opportunity to raise their brand recognitions through sponsorships. The companies, which want to strengthen their brand identities, can organise events on special days and dates by allocation of the appropriate commercial areas.

Digital Advertising Opportunities

The website and mobile applications of the Istanbul Airport also serve brands through their new generation advertisement technologies. Furthermore, the personalised passenger targeting advertisement models enable companies to promote and advertise their brands to the qualified and target customers in an effective way.

Thanks to the special applications developed by sponsorships and brand collaborations in the digital world, passengers get the opportunity to enjoy a unique communication experience in music, sports, shopping, healthcare, technology, travelling, etc.

Please send an e-mail to or call 0212 601 41 00 to get further information regarding the advertising areas, sponsorships, brand collaborations, promotional stand hiring and organisation services at the Istanbul Airport and/or contact related departments to make a request.