Frequently Asked Questions

What means of transport can I use to get to the airport?

From where the HAVAIST buses depart?

Can I use money to pay for the HAVAIST buses?

Which IETT buses can I use to get to the airport?

Can I buy IstanbulKart at the airport/Can I load money on my IstanbulKart at the airport?

Can I get to the airport by subway?

How can I benefit from the car park service at the airport?

From where can I learn the parking fees?

Can I book a place in the car park in advance?

Does your car park have car wash service?

Does the airport have valet service?

From where can I learn the valet service fees?

Where are the valet vehicle reception and delivery points?

What means can I use to pay the parking fees?

My car has broken down/its battery has run down in the car park; what can I do?

Is the X-Ray scanner bad for my health?

If I am requested to walk through the security scanner, may I request to be scanned by an alternative method?

Do children have to go through security scan?

I am pregnant / I use cardiac pacemaker. Am I required to go through X-Ray scanner or metal detector?

What can I clear through the security checkpoint at the airport?

Can I carry the products I buy in the duty free area of the airport in the aircraft cabin?

What does happen if any property is rejected in the security check?

Why are we required to switch our computers on again at the airport entrance and the second checkpoint?

Can I have electronic cigarette in my carry-on baggage?

Can I carry breast milk even if I travel without my baby?

Can I carry liquid baby formula, prepared milk, soy milk, rice milk, or sterilized water?

How can receive my properties detained before the flight back?

Can I carry ice package / fluid cooling bag?

Can I carry medicine in my hand baggage?

Can I carry health products (embryo, tissue,organ, etc.) in the cabin?

Can I carry insulin and hypodermic injectors in the cabin baggage?

hat is the process for over-size baggage?

What are the procedures for detained baggage?

Can I carry electronic and electrical devices (such as laptops, MP3 players, or portable DVD players)?

Does the security scan affect camera films?

How will I travel with my gun?

Can I see the image produced by the X-Ray scanner?

Can I fly together with my pet?

Can I pass my baby's car safety seat through the security checkpoint to use on board the aircraft?

How early should I be at the airport before my flight?

How can I obtain the departure and arrival information of flights?

How can I get the latest flight information or learn delay/cancellation of my flight?

Which vaccines should I have depending on the country I will visit, and where can I have them?

Why is my flight delayed/canceled; what are my rights?

Do you have special check-in counter for families, elder passengers, or passengers with reduced mobility?

Can I deliver my baggage without waiting in the line after making online check-in?

What is my free baggage allowance?

I have left my property in the terminal. What should I do?

I cannot receive/have forgotten my baggage on the baggage band. What should I do?

My baggage has been delivered damaged. What should I do?

The foodstuffs in the found property have been destroyed; why?

My baggage/lost property has been found. From where can I receive it?

Where is the Lost & Found Office at the airport, and how can I get there?

How can I receive my property I have left on board the aircraft?

How will I receive back my suitcase I was not able to reclaim?

I have lost my official document such as Passport, ID Card, Green Card, etc. What should I do?

Which stores are there at the airport?

Which restaurants and cafés are there at the airport?

The product I bought in duty free is defective. What should I do?

What is the duty free shopping limit for my international lines arrival flight?

Do I need to get my baggage in my connecting flight?

What will I do if my connecting flight is canceled/I miss the flight?

Where can I rest at the airport until my connecting flight?

I have a connecting flight through Istanbul Airport, do I need to obtain visa?

Can I get visa at Istanbul Airport?

Where can I have the product I bought abroad registered?

How many phones/computers/tablets can I bring from abroad?

Is there any hotel at the airport?

Where can I book a room at the hotel?

What are the advantages of IGA Pass membership packages?

From where can I receive IGA Pass services?

I have bought service/membership package on the internet/mobile application. How will I use the services I have bought though I do not have a card?

Do you have lounge service for domestic flights?

Do you have lounge service for international flights?

How can I benefit from the Lounge services?

What are my cancellation and revision rights for the Lounge service?

What does IGA Meet&Greet service include?

How can I benefit from the IGA Meet&Greet service?

What are my cancellation and revision rights for IGA Meet&Greet service?

How can I benefit from the IGA Valet service at the airport?

Where can I deliver/receive my car to/from the valet?

For how many vehicles can I have parking spots in the car park/valet service within the scope of IGA Pass membership?

Which security checkpoints do have fast-track passes?

How can I benefit from the fast-track service?

Are there any areas for children's entertainment at the airport?

Does the airport have rooms where I can breastfeed my baby?

Does the airport have rooms where I can change my baby's diaper?

What kind of services do you have for the passengers with reduced mobility?

Does the airport have special restrooms for the passengers with reduced mobility?

Can I pass through the security checkpoint on my wheelchair?

What is the airport tax imposed on the passengers?

Does the airport have free Wi-Fi?

To where can I consign my baggage?

Are there smoking areas at the airport?

How can I give advertisement on terminal billboards?

Are the baggage trolleys at the airport for a fee?

Does the airport have charging points?

Does the airport have washroom, prayer room?

How can I subscribe for the car park?