Charging Points

​​ Charging Points

Charging stations are located around the check-in waiting areas and also near the sitting areas around the gates.

According to the data from International Energy Agency, the number of people who did not have access to electricity in 2018 was 860 million. 80% of the 800 million people who were able to gain access to electricity in 2010 were concentrated in Asia. Nearly 600 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda still lack access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. People are forced to use expensive fuels to meet their basic needs after sunset.

​​ Charging Points

One of the best solutions the people who have been living like this since the 1950s came up with is producing kinetic energy through bicycles. Here are the fundamentals of how they achieve this; energy is produced with the movement of the rider's pedaling on the bicycle, which sets connected, special gear mechanism in motion.

Keep in mind;

As you pedal for a healthy life on this Eco-bike, please consider how important the "energy" need is for humanity.

What will you gain from this?

When you pedal for 10 minutes, you will receive special discounts in the free-shop and food and beverage areas.

Also, for a healthier life:

When you pedal for 10 minutes you burn 100 calories and thus contribute to your health. So;

With 1000 people pedaling only for 10 minutes, electricity enough to power 5 households for 1 month will be produced.


If you have any of the health problems listed below, please do not ride the bicycle!

1. Severe back and neck issues
2. Hip, knee, ankle joint issues
3. Severe shoulder issues
4. Past history of heart attacks
5. Cardiac insufficiency
6. Cardiac dysrhythmia
7. Heart valve diseases
8. Coronary stent / by-pass operations
9. Epilepsy
10. Blood pressure diseases
11. Congenital heart disease
12. Chronic lung disease (COPD and/or asthma)


  • Please get on the bicycle.
  • Connect your phone to the USB port. If your phone has the wireless charge feature, place your phone in the wireless charging area.
  • Start pedaling and do not stop for about 10 minutes.
  • If you stop pedaling the system will start over.
  • During pedaling, the LED lights will light up one by one and move towards to the top.
  • When it reaches the top point, a ticket will be dispensed.
  • The ticket will be dispensed from the hatch under the seat.
  • Please take this ticket so you can get discountss at the designated places.