Health Services

​​ Health Services

Istanbul Airport has a number of service points to meet the health needs of passengers.

Mobile Health Stations

There are 5 mobile health stations, 4 of which located at the airside and 1 located at the landside.

First Aid / Emergency Services

There are 5 ambulances in total, 3 at the airside and 2 at the landside, a 24/7 available emergency health call center (65 555/4441442), and 23 automatic external defibrillators placed in different parts of our airport in case one of our passengers have a heart attack.

PCR Test Center

There is a 24/7 available PCR Test Center in the airport located on the arrivals floor. Testing services can be purchased on demand. Test results can be handed as a physical copy or they can be received online.

PCR Test Merkezi

Health Point Locations In Istanbul Airport:


International Terminal - Landside

Melike Sultan Pharmacy


Domestic Terminal - Landside

International Pharmacy

International Terminal - Landside

Istanbul Airport Pharmacy