Mass Passenger Services

Department of General Passenger Services, which going to provide traveling services for the benefit of all airport guests, is going into operation. Through focusing on its guests’ needs, the Department of General Passenger Services is setting out to improve the traveling experiences of its guests and targeting to provide maximum comfort to them by such services listed in its portfolio as IGA Sleepod (Sleeping Cabin), IGA Meeting Lounge (Area to Greet Arriving Passengers), IGA Luggage Deposit, and IGA Luggage Wrapping Services.
  • Sleepod
    An area inside the airport that is customized and isolated especially for guests to rest and relax under hygienic conditions at any time they desire to.
  • Meeting Lounge
    Simplifying its guests’ greeting experience by minimizing commotion with its service point located on international arrivals floor.
  • Left Luggage
    Safe keeping guests’ luggage and personal items for them to spend their time inside the airport freely.
  • Luggage Wrap
    Protects luggage from external damages by making them even more durable.