Museums and Exhibitions

​​ Museums and Exhibitions

​​​Multifarious exhibitions are held at various locations within Istanbul Airport to offer our passengers an even more enjoyable time.

Istanbul Airport Museum, "Turkey's Treasures; Faces of Throne" Exhibition
Istanbul Airport breaks new ground in Turkey yet again with the opening of Istanbul Airport Museum put at its passengers’ service to acquaint citizens from all over the world with Turkish culture. Currently exhibiting 316 works from 29 museums, Istanbul Airport Museum has opened its doors with the “Faces of the Throne” exhibition held on an area of 1.000 sqm. Being the first of its kind in Turkey and one of the few worldwide, the museum is awaiting its visitors on the international departures floor.

‘Pioneers of Modern Science - Islamic Science and Technology History’ Exhibition by Usturlab
The “Pioneers of Modern Science” – an exhibition that provides interactive insight to Muslim scientists who pioneered the sciences & technologies of the modern age and the significant role that the Islamic civilization has played all along – is awaiting its visitors at international departures Pier A.

Göbeklitepe: Zero Point in Time
A model of Göbeklitepe – as one of the most significant cultural assets of Şanlıurfa – expects its visitors at international departures Knuckle A-B.

18th State Photography Contest
The photographs themed ‘‘Human & Life” and ‘‘Historic Buildings’’ are exhibited at the domestic knuckle area as of April 7, 2019.

The Secret of the Spinning Top
The exhibition narrating the maturation of the human being with 7 different spinning tops is expecting its visitors at İGA Lounge.

‘A Monument of Victory’ Exhibition
This photograph exhibition narrating Istanbul Airport’s story of 42 months is held at the domestic departures area.