Accessible Toilet

​​​Accessible Toilet


There are also accessible toilets in each toilet area both in the terminal and parking lot. All accessible toilets are provided with an audible vacant / occupied alert system, with their doors operated with motion sensors. When you approach your hand to the sensor, the door will automatically open outward and can be locked from inside with a button. All the restroom signs also have writings with Braille alphabet.

Adult Changing Place


We have adult changing places at our airport where our guests can meet their changing needs. The changing places are provided with adult-size height-adjustable bed units for convenient changing.

    Where can I find them?
  • Before Passport Control for Departing Passengers: The restroom area next to İGA Terminal Lost & Found Office
  • International Departures: The first toilet area to the west after passport control
  • Domestic Flights Departures: G3 far flight gates area restroom
  • International Arrivals: Baggage Claim Hall, across 8A baggage carousel
  • Domestic Flights Arrivals: Baggage Claim area, across 5A Baggage Claim carousel