Assistance Service

Assistance and Wheel Chair Service


Assistance service at our airport is provided by the relevant airlines. Our guests who state that they will use an assistance service in ticket purchase or who make a reservation at least 48 hours before their flight can receive this service within 15 minutes by making a notification from the assistant call phones when they arrive at our airport. The service waiting period for our guests who come to our airport without making a reservation may increase up to 45 minutes.

Airline Contact Information

​​​​Assistant Call Point


Our guests who will receive assistance service can reach the service provider by using the assistant call phones located before the gate at the main entrance when they arrive at the airport, and can wait for the assistance service by resting on the bench behind the main entrance gate.

Wheelchair Service for Passenger Companions


Only passengers can receive wheelchair and assistance service from the related airline companies at our airport. Our guests, who have come to send off or welcome their passengers who have difficulties in walking may request a wheelchair at the information desks. (Due to the pandemic, the service cannot be provided as the relatives of the passengers are not allowed to enter the airport.)