Certificate of Standards and Accessibility

​​​Being the world's largest airport under one roof, our terminal, completed in 2019 and built in accordance with the new accessibility standards and as open for improvement with superior technological infrastructure, gives us an advantage in designing a unique experience.

After successfully passing the accessibility audits conducted by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services in 2021, Istanbul Airport has been granted the "Accessibility Certificate." During these audits, the guide explaining how architectural changes should be made is prepared according to the following legislation:

  • TS 9111 "Accessibility Requirements in Buildings for the Handicapped and Persons with Reduced Mobility"
  • TS 12576 "The Design Rules of Structural Measures and Markings for Accessibility in Sidewalks, and Pedestrian Crossings"
  • TS 12460 Urban Roads- "Rail Rapid Transit System Part 5: Design Rules of Facilities for the Handicapped and Elderly People"
  • TS ISO 23599 "Assistive Products for Blind and Vision- Impaired Persons - Tactile Paving Surface Signs"
  • TS 13536 "Complementary Turkish Standard to TS ISO 23599"
  • ISO 23600 "Assistive products for persons with vision impairments and persons with vision and hearing impairments- Acoustic and tactile signals for pedestrian traffic lights"
  • TS 13622 "Requirements of Accessibility to Public Transport Systems for the Handicapped and Persons with Reduced Mobility"
  • TS 13882 "Classification Rules of Pedestrian Surfaces – General Requirements and Evaluation Methods"