Invisible Disabilities

​​Sunflower Lanyard


For the individuals who have non-visible disabilities such dementia, speech impediment or dyslexia in their daily lives, the airport experience can be even more challenging. To minimize these difficulties, the Sunflower lanyard practice, an awareness and sensitivity program that started in England and is recognized in numerous locations today, makes individuals with non-visible differences visible to our staff. Our personnel who notices a guest wearing Sunflower Lanyard are aware of the fact that they may be in need of more help and support and, in some cases, more time.

Our guests who want to get a sunflower lanyard can do so for free by filling out a request form at our information desks, without the need to submit a medical report, and can continue to use the same lanyard for future travel and at all points where the sunflower lanyard is current practice

    Where to find it:
  • Departing passenger floor, across entrance gate 2
  • Departing passenger floor, across entrance gate 5
  • International departing passenger floor, across passport control
  • At entrance to international gates A area
  • At entrance to international gates D area
  • At entrance to international gates F area
  • At entrance to domestic gates G area
  • Area before passport control on the transfer floor
  • Arriving passenger floor, domestic passenger meeting area
  • Arriving passenger floor, international passenger meeting area

Our autistic guests can also use our Very Special Guest Card application.

Customized Airport Guide for Autistic Individuals


We facilitate convenient travel with our guide making use of pictures to illustrate our airport processes.

Airports can be a challenging travel experience for first-time visitors. It can be even more challenging for our guests who are in need of a calmer environment due to their increased sensitivity to noise and crowd as a result of a disorder such as autism. To facilitate this challenging experience, we have published on our website a pictured guide illustrating our airport processes.