Physical Facilities

Drop-off and Pick-up Points for Passengers with Disabilities:


“Drop-off/Pick-up Points” for our handicapped guests are stationed by the 1st, 3rd and 7th entrances at the departing passenger floor, where our guide tracks are.


Assistance Service Request Points:


Assistance services are provided by airlines. You can visit the web site of your airlines for requesting assistance. Notifying your airline of your request and making reservations early on will decrease your waiting time for your service.

You can reach the relevant airline service provider via the assistant call phones stationed before the entrance when you come to our airport. You can wait for the relevant personnel to arrive while resting on the bench beyond the first entrance.


Parking Lot


Our airport has a total of 916 handicapped parking spots positioned closer to the entrances at the parking lot area and at each floor.

Additionally, our parking lots have restrooms for our handicapped guests.

After you park your vehicle,

  • You can reach the 1st entrance from the Turquoise parking lot floor P5,
  • 1st and 3rd entrances from the Green parking lot floor P5,
  • and 7th entrance from the Red and Blue parking lot floor P5 via the moving walkways.

As required by parking fees and application principles of Public-Private Partnership (KÖİ) tariffs published by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), our handicapped citizens wishing to use our car park free of charge up to 15 days must be present in the vehicle and submit the required documents.


Tactile Paving


We have guide tracks at 1st, 3rd and 7th entrances from sidewalks to the help desk.
Also in the same manner, we have guide tracks from luggage collection point for domestic and foreign flights to the exit point and access floor for our guests.


Passport Pass/Security Pass


We have security passes for handicapped and pregnant guests on the guide tracks at the 1st, 3rd and 7th entrances, where such guests are allowed pass priority.

Aside this, separate routes to pass are defined at the passport control areas for our handicapped guests.


Helpdesk/AskMe Digital Screen


You can find more detailed information about the services provided at our Airport by reaching help desks or by connecting live to our call assistants via AskMe digital screens.

You can find your flight entrance by scanning your ticket at our AskMe digital screen and see the map showing how you can get to the flight entrance from where you are. You can also look up points like pharmacies, banks, ATMs, restaurants in our airport and have them chart a route for you to get there.


Escalators and Elevators

Majority of the elevators in our airport have a warning system in both English and Turkish, they also have Braille alphabet and large enough space for the wheelchairs to maneuver inside.

Sitting Areas for Handicapped Guests

There are exclusive waiting seats for our handicapped guests that can be identified with the special mark on them.


Disabled Restrooms


There are a total of 165 handicapped restrooms across all restroom areas in our airport. On the restrooms with the automated hand sensor doors, there are also audio warning systems that notify you whether the restroom is occupied or not. After you go in, you can lock the door via the button on the wall.

Our wheelchairs with the patient toilets (diaper change-friendly) can be found in the handicapped restrooms across the E-Check-In island, across the A2 and B1 entrances, between D2-D4 entrances and across the F1 entrance.