Very Special Guest Card


The “Very Special Guest Card” is available for our guests with autism, cerebral palsy or Down Syndrome. This card provides entrances for Very Special Guest Rooms, free usage of our buggy shuttle ring service that carry passengers from buggy stops to their gates and priority in security lanes that are specialized for the passengers with reduced mobility and pregnants.

Very Special Guest Rooms

The “Very Special Guest Room” aims at keeping our guests with autism, cerebral palsy or Down Syndrome, who may require a calmer environment due to their increased sensitivity to noise and crowds, away from the hectic airport atmosphere and offer them a much more comfortable airport experience.  The 2 rooms, one located at the domestic terminal (across gate G6) and one at the international terminal (across gate B1) can be accessed with a 'Very Special Guest Card'.

How may I apply for a Very Special Guest Card?

To ensure that this service is provided to guests who really need it, applicants are required to submit a medical report as proof of the guest’s autism or cerebral palsy diagnosis along with an application form and a photograph.

Applications can be made in two ways:

  1. Information desks: You may fill out the application form at our information desks and submit your photograph and medical report together with the application form.
  2. Website: You may fill out the application form on our website and use the same page to upload your photograph and medical report.

How may I take delivery of the Very Special Guest Card?

Your “Very Special Guest Card” will be issued once your application and medical report are examined and approved. You can pick up your card at the nearest information desk, provided that you specify your next flight or contact us by phone (444 1 442) or by e-mail (

Am I required to have my medical report with me every time?

Once you take delivery of your Very Special Guest Card, you only have to have your card with you.

How may I use the Very Special Guest Card?

For Very Special Guest Room, please contact us upon your arrival at the airport through the assistant call phones stationed before the terminal entrance, the information desks, the call center (444 1 442) or by e-mail to to inform us that you would like to use the Very Special Guest Room and learn whether the room is currently available. If the room is available, please show your Very Special Guest Card to the attendant at room entrance together with your boarding pass to access the room.

In order to use buggy shuttle service please show your Very Special Guest Card to our stuff in buggy stops. This card allows you and one companion to use buggy shuttle together free of charge.

May I book the Very Special Guest Room?

Currently, we don’t have a booking system available.

What will I find in the Very Special Guest Room?

The very special guest room is provided with a TV which screens cartoon movies, a flight information display, sitting areas, foam rubber toys and a table and chair for kids. There is also a “Silent Room” with rubber-coated walls inside the room. 

How many people can use the room at one time?

The room is large enough to accommodate several people at one time. However, we shall show due care to maintain a calm atmosphere inside the room depending on the situation each time and pay attention that the number of people present in the room does not exceed a given capacity.

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