Very Special Guest Card


Our airport has introduced the Very Special Guest card to facilitate the airport processes of our guests with autism, Down syndrome or cerebral palsy who may need a calmer environment due to their increased sensitivity to noise and crowd. Our guests can lodge an application for the Very Special Guest card on our website, with the requirement to upload their medical report and photograph, to benefit from the privileges set out below:

Very Special Guest Rooms: Our airport has two Very Special Guest rooms, one on the domestic and one on the international floor, which are both provided with toys, resting areas, a TV screening cartoon movies and flight information displays to make you spent some quality time while waiting for your flight. There is also a small-size silent room with rubber-coated walls in both rooms that can be used in times of crisis. Our guests who want to use these rooms are required to notify their request to the information desk upon their arrival at the airport and show their card as proof of eligibility.

    Where to find the Very Special Guest Rooms:
  • International Departing Passenger Floor: gates area B, across gate B2
  • Domestic Departing Passenger Floor: gates area G, across gate G6


Buggy: Our guests can make free use of our buggy shuttles that offer carriage on a predefined route, together with one companion.

Priority Pass: ​ Our guests with hidden disabilities can show their Very Special Guest card to enjoy priority pass at security checkpoints that offer priority pass for handicapped or pregnant passengers.

Click here to apply.