Security and Baggage

​​​Information on Security and Baggage Screening Practices

Security and Baggage  

All departing and transfer passengers traveling via Istanbul Airport and their baggage are scanned at security checkpoints to prevent prohibited items from letting inside the security restricted areas and aircraft.

The scanning methods carried out at the security check-points are conducted in accordance with the standards set out in the National Civil Aviation Security Program and its revisions, and the Istanbul Airport Security Program and its revision, as published by the Civil Aviation Directorate General, the Decisions of the Istanbul Airport Security Commission and the recommendations of international organizations, such as the ICAO and the ECAC.

Please consider the following explanations to fasten the security checkpoint processes.

Things You Should Consider When Passing Through the Terminal Entrance Security Checkpoint;

Things You Should Consider When Passing Through Airside Security Checkpoints of Domestic and International Departure Areas;

Additional Information;

Hand Baggage (Cabin Baggage) Preparation


Specifications and Packaging of 1-Liter Re-sealable Bag:

Exceptions to Liquid Restrictions

List of Prohibited Items in Hold Baggage or Subject to Permission by the Airline Operator