Passenger Rights

In the event of flight cancellation or flight delay for a period of at least 2 hours, the passengers can benefit from their rights.

The airline companies are liable of giving information to the passengers during such inconveniences. The concerned laws held them responsible for informing you about your rights and explaining how and where you can lodge a complaint.

Please get in touch with your airline company on compensation and related assistance requirements if you're denied boarding, your flight is delayed, cancelled.

In order to read the Turkish Regulations about the rights of the passengers travelling by air and the situations where these rights are applicable please click on the links below:

SHY Passenger

SHY Yolcu

Please check your rights when you travel by air in the European Union in case of denied boarding, delay, cancellation, and upgrading or downgrading.

You can call Civil Aviation General Directorate for detailed information:

Telephone: + 90 (312) 203 60 00- (242) 330 32 38