Tax Refund

1) Tax Refund Form

When shopping the tax refund form must be required at the corresponding shop. Tourists must fill in all required information and data.

2) Customs Stamp

a) Passenger with Luggage

  • Turkish Airlines Passengers: If Turkish Airlines passengers would like to deliver the items they ask refund for to the baggage they must make sure that the items are approved by the customs office. The validation can be done in check-in desks K25-26 and check in procedures can be completed in check in desks of Turkish Airlines which located next to K25-26. (The passengers may make their check in first and deliver their baggage after the completion of procedures in customs office if they wish)
  • Other Airlines: Passengers of other airlines may validate their purchase and deliver their baggage to the customs points which are located in check in desks P25-26 after completion of check in.

b)  Passenger with Hand Luggage

  • If purchased items will be carried as hand luggage, then the validation can be done in the customs office located next to passport control desk.

P.S: The passengers have the purchases, tax refund form, bills, boarding pass and passport with them during the customs operations, and tax refund form must be signed by the customs officers.

3) Refunding

Passengers may go to Tax Refund offices of Global Exchange in Istanbul Airport (follow the Map) to get their money in the currency that they prefer. If passengers wish refund to their credit card, they can state their requests at Global Exchange offices and they can throw their forms to the box. Refund price is transferred preferred credit card in the coming days.