Travelling with Children

When you travel from Turkey with persons under 18, please consider the specific rules applied by the Turkish authorities and airlines. Before setting out, always check the requirements to make your journey smooth.

Click here to view the locations of the baby care rooms in Istanbul Airport.

Parental permission to travel

When you travel with persons under 18, the Turkish authorities require permission from their non-accompanying parent(s), guardian(s) or custodian(s). This rule applies regardless of your kinship degree with the child and is enforced to prevent child abduction. You can use an official authorization form to show that you have permission. You may be delayed at passport control or even prevented from leaving the country without such a permission.

Children Flying Alone

Airlines are obliged to take care of unaccompanied children. Airlines guide your child through their entire journey and ensure their safety throughout the trip. Departing children are escorted from the check-in desk to the plane, and the arriving children are delivered to their families upon departure. Please contact your airline for details.

The minimum age for escorted children may vary from airline to airline. Some airlines offer their own chaperone services free of charge. The child is met by airline staff at check-in desk and accompanied personally throughout their stay at the airport and for the rest of their journey.

Please contact your airline for details and conditions pertaining to this service.

Travelling with Infants

Dedicated Baby Care areas are available throughout the airport. The nursing rooms have changing and cleaning facilities and are mostly located next to the public toilets. Moms can nurse their babies in peace.