​​​​Car Park Valet

Our valet service will be provided from 7:00 pm, April 29 to 7:00 am, May 18 only at the CIP car park. From 7:00 pm, April 29 to 7:00 am, May 18 valet service will not be provided from the departures floor (Green Car Park Floor P6).

On the specified dates, our guests can hand over their vehicles in the valet point of the CIP parking lot and pick up their vehicles from the vehicle delivery point on the P3 floor of the Green Parking Lot, in front of the arrivals gate number 9.

How to make valet payments in Istanbul Airport?​​

You can easily make your valet service payments at the Domestic Terminal Valet Payment Point located at the arrival floor gate 9 in the terminal, at the Green Parking Lot P3 Manual Payment Kiosk located in the parking lot, and with the mobile payment option.